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Rizzo makes australian gymnastics history

Rizzo makes australian gymnastics history

New Zealand-born sprinter John Rizzo will b충주출장안마 충주출장샵e the second American to have the first-ever medal in judo, the Olympics announced Thursday.

Rizzo, the reigning Olympic champ, has won all three of his Olympics medals, and will be compet점보카지노ing in the same weight class for the fourth straight event. A medal in judo is a gold medal with a silver as the gold. Rizzo has won 23 Olympic medals, and is the only athlete to have트럼프 카지노 five golds.

Rizzo was born with a condition that has affected his ability to walk, stand and run. He won’t be competing in judo.

This is Rizzo’s first Olympic medal after winning a gold medal at the 2004 Athens games.

Rizzo’s father, John Rizzo, started Judo as a child on a small farm in the small town of St. Helena, Montana. When Rizzo was 7 years old, the family moved across the country to Las Vegas to attend judo school at the Judo Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, but the gym shut down so John began the sport of judo as a hobby in high school.

Rizzo won the NCAA title in judo in 1998 and 2000. He competed in his first Olympic games at both the 2000 London Games and then at the 2000 Athens Games. In that first competition, the American was upset by Japanese judoka Shoda Yasuharu before winning a gold medal to become the first American to win a gold medal at the 1999 World Championship.

The Olympic Committee selected a medalist for the 2012 Olympics. Rizzo will be the fifth American to win a gold medal in judo. They are: Brian Worsley, 1992; Jason Collins, 1992; and Jack Dempsey, 1988.