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Origin interview kurt gidley

Origin interview kurt gidley

Kurt Gidley’s first interview for our new podcast on TSM is in. This is my first time discussing a player in the current NA LCS, but the context is vital. This story is interesting for all of us here at TL for a few reasons: 1) I have never interviewed a European team in my life, but with the history they have, I wanted to interview a Korean team. We can take some positives from their record as well since they’ve had two European LCS champions in AD carry Ssumday and AD carry Kim “ddg” Jeong Hyun, both of whom have made it through all 5 splits. While we haven’t spoken much about NaJin, the team still has a lot of talent and are currently on a run. There are certaiSM 카지노nly players we haven’t seen that we can discuss, like jungler Kim “ddg” Dong Yeo or AD carry Kang “Faker” Dong Hyuk. While I’ve had many chances to talk with fans, I have never met anyone in the world who has had an opportunity to meet Kurt personally.

Our first question for Kurt is why NaJin’s decision to add AD carry Kim “ddg” Dong Hyuk, a player they’ve given a lot of games for and who was able to become a two-time NA LCS Champion at a young age.

Kurt Gidley: Kim is an important player for NaJin to keep in. We know he has a high MMR for his age bracket, which is quite low compared to players in his position. To keep him fresh, his team-mates have asked to pick a more advanced ADC. However, we had quite a few discussions with Riot about whether he should play AD or not and decided on playing him. His game is amazing. I don’t need to tell you who is doing his work and who’s not.강릉안마 I mean, he’s an amazing player and the team plays him better than almost all the teams do, so I just can’t ignore that he’s a good AD player.

Why has Ssumday had such success and why are Koreans suddenly so competitive?

Kurt Gidley: I think there’s a certain kind of culture of Korean pl코인 카지노ayers that’s prevalent in the pro scene. It can be quite aggressive on the professional side; many top Koreans will play multiple characters because they don’t like to keep the same one for 2v2. The problem I had with this is that it can be quite eas