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China is pushing the envelope in south china sea turnbull tech

China is pushing the envelope in south china sea turnbull tech.

Chunqiujiang Wuzhong Technology Co. Ltd. is making high tech prototype of ship-to-ship transmission, using its submarine transmitters that cost nearly 2 million yuan. The project will help China in securing cooperation in ship-to-ship technology.

Jianghai Xingchun Construction Co. Ltd. also made two prototypes of ship-to-ship technology at the first meeting of China Ship Technology Association. The two vessels are being built by the company as well as its own research and development group파라오 카지노.

“We are cur월드 카지노rently pursuing a high-speed ship-to-ship technology project in Shanghai,” said Changming Lu, chairman of the China Ship Technology Association and president of the China Ship Technology Research and Development Association. “Ship-to-ship technology is developing very rapidly. It’s something that we want to pursue.”

China Ship Technology Association says it has started working on this technology since at least 2009.

To date, Changming Lu says Xingchun has put several projects into the pipeline. In the future, Changming Lu says Xingchun plans to develop similar project for maritime transport and sea trading, particularly in the Southeast Asian region where China has been competing with Southeast Asian companies to make ships that can meet the requirements.

The second meeting of the Shanghai Ship바카라 사이트 Technology Association was attended by representatives of Changming Lu and the Wuzhong Technology Co.’s CEO, Wu Zhuo, as well as China Ship Technology Association vice-chair Chen Jie, director of Zhejiang Ship Technology Co., Lu Xiaoyuan and Chang Mingzhu, head of the Beijing-headquartered Wuzhong shipyard.

This joint project is the product of the China Ship Technology Association’s research and development program, and Wuzhong Ship Technology Co.’s own engineering, production and engineering. The ship’s components are Chinese: hulls made by Wuzhong Ship Technology Co.; hulls fabricated by Jinjia Shipbuilding Co.; and its propulsion system, including diesel engine and watertight, airtight, and steam driven watertight hulls.

The first prototype was made by Changming Lu’s company, and a larger one by a company in the same batch in which the Wuzhong shipyard was contracted to produce it. The second project, the first with its own engineering, manufacturing and engineering, is on track, according to Changming Lu.

China Ship Technology Association chief Ji