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Andrew barr jeremy hanson face off in act leaders debate

Andrew barr jeremy hanson face off in act leaders debate

Hanson gets it from his new job

The debate is on at 15.40 BST

It’s the biggest clash between his boss, Jeremy Hunt, and a rival Tory MP for more than two decades.

The fight follows three Tory attacks on both of them during the referendum campaign.

The pair clashed in front of 10,000 supporters in Westminster the week before the vote.

This time around Mr Hunt tried to make the case for his position by highlighting a Tory pledge to keep an extra 40,000 foreign police and fire personnel in the UK after the UK leaves the EU.

But Mr Higgins attacked Tory comments about the cost of his plans and suggested they were “irresponsible”, in what he said amounted to a swipe at the party.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption “No-one on earth believes a penny will be saved – it’s the economic argument over a penny”

“That’s the same economic argument we were fighting about before the referendum. But the economic arguments will always beat the political arguments.

“When you make a political argument against this, you lose because we don’t have the same kind of experience. We haven’t fought for the same values. I’m absolutely against a no deal scenario.”

He was in his first debate with Mr Corbyn at Labour’s parliamentary candidate launch in July.

Mr Higgins was once the deputy leader of the Scottish Labour Party, where he was defeated by Jeremy Corbyn in a by-election and Mr Corbyn later took over from him in the shadow cabinet.

Mr Corbyn is a supporter of the 엠 카지노European Union (EU) and has called for a referendum on its membership.

His campaign also backs a referendum on a second independence referendum after another attempt on the life of Alex Salmond.

After the referendum, Mr Higgins said로투스 홀짝 he would take the “unnecessary risk” of voting “no” in a second referendum to safeguard the country’s national interest.

“You do want to have the right to talk about that in the right context. But there will be no referendum without the proper public debate… so at this stage we must go for the no camp,” he said.

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The debate will 공주안마광주 출장 안마also see the first debate between David Cameron, Labour leader and former Prime Minister Ed Miliband, and the Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron.

Mr Farron has a firm commitment not to have another referendum and has also backed Mr Cameron’s decision no