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Weather heavy rain drenches qld

Weather heavy rain drenches qld; causes flash flooding in nsw; nears the worst floods to hit southern qld since 1970


Some major floods may have damaged homes, smashed trees and left people trapped by trees in central Queensland, despite heavy rain, forecasters say.

Thousands of people who have lost power in the flood-ravaged region have had to rely on우리카지노 emergency services but forec바카라asters say they are still struggling to bring more rain to the region.

As of Wednesday, two fires had burned around 15 kilometres from the city of Penrith after heavy rain caused homes to be inundated on Wednesday evening, with more burning near a community centre in the town of Gatton.

Some roads in the flooded western suburbs of Townsville and Port Augusta have been damaged.

An emergency services officer has been ordered to assess a home on Mount Cook that was destroyed by flash flooding in Mount Isa, as more rain falls.

In the town of Marrickville, at least two homes and a bushfire have burned더킹카지노 and several others have sustained minor damage, forecasters say.

“It is a case of getting through as much as we can,” an emergency services officer told ABC radio.

More heavy rain is expected through Friday to the south and south-west, which will bring further flash floods and possibly dangerous gusty winds.

The rain has come on the back of heavy winter rainfall in the south-east, and forecasters are predicting that by the time the week-long dry spell ends, up to 300 millimetres of rain could fall in southern NSW.

Forecasters say heavy rain in the Queensland desert for the next few days could hit up to 12 times harder than usual, but forecasters are urging people to be careful in the rain.

An emergency services officer in Penrith said the community had been left in disarray.

“It’s been very difficult because the community has been in a lot of chaos,” he said.

“I’m surprised it’s lasted seven days, I thought we were going to have something, but I guess it did.”

He said the community was now in the thick of things and there was no easy way out.

“People are really panicked about the state of the community,” he said.

‘Dangerous winds’

Emergency services spokesman Chris Houser said the flash flood warning, as in severe, meant that the fire service would need to be vigilant in the area.

“It will impact ver