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Mayor happy for fresh council approach

Mayor happy for fresh council approach

Councillor Norm Kelly, who was recently voted out of his job, said it took a bit to be comfortable with council being run as a business.더킹카지노

“The fact that I get to run the council is something I consider very meaningful,” he said.

“One of the things that I think is going to he우리카지노lp people when you’re running a business is that you have a clear vision and you work with people, and that’s very important to do, and I think council has that right now.”

Councillor Doug jarvees.comFord’s campaign staff were back at the Mayor’s office on Friday afternoon, but declined to comment as they were at work.

Meanwhile, Ford’s spokesperson Doug Watts said the mayor was focused on “promoting his strong record on jobs, investment, the economy and tax relief”.

The campaign has had trouble selling the mayor’s commitment to running an open-door program for job-seekers, something he says is crucial to getting young people into the workforce, as well as getting the young people of Toronto to vote for him.

A number of polls suggest Ford is at a competitive disadvantage with other candidates in the race. He’s been in a dead heat since a recent poll of 2,000 likely voters by BMO Survey Research showed the former premier trailing his rivals among the province’s younger generation by five percentage points — 52 percent to 39 percent.