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Police express frustration with drivers after blitz of delays in the city

Police express frustration with drivers after blitz of delays in the city. The TTC says the delays have forced commuters to take buses for trips they usually take via the rail network.

City crews shut down traffic in several main intersections and roads in the city’s west end and western suburbs Thursday in response to a series of bus and streetcar delays reported by transit news outlet riders.

The transit agency’s Twitter account posted the information, but did not provide a clear timeline for when the problem would be fixed.

A TTC spokesperson said crews have been using speedometers all day to det더킹카지노ermine the reason for the problems, but the delay has prompted people to take 더킹카지노transit.

“As of right now, we have received reports of delays and closures in the city’s west-end,” the TTC said.

“It has now been determined that a number of vehicles have experienced delays which have caused considerable delays.”

“This has forced a large number of people who are currently travelling by bus to take transit, or at least walk, rather than take buses. However, many customers have also been forced to take express bus routes which have not been fully serviced, which means they are not getting services to them until their trip is completed.”

According to the statement, the city’s transit agency has been advised of three issues on a daily basis:

• Transit workers say they are working to correct problems with the vehicle number on buses and trains. (Twitter)

• Police are advising of traffic snarls along Highway 401 in the city’s east end. (Twitter)

• TTC officials are advised of delays along Yonge Street in the east-end. (Twitter)

Transit service for the area closed for more than three hours Thursday. There was some light traffic, but the delays caused c우리카지노haos. 2:29

Toronto Mayor John Tory said he is concerned by reports of bus and streetcar service being impacted.

“I want the riders who are travelling the same road as this, they should be getting the same service they are expecting,” Tory said.

“And it is particularly disappointing that these delays have resulted in some of them coming in this short space of time when their travel is planned to last all day today.”

TTC CEO Andy Byford says the service will continue to operate as usual but that the bus and streetcar system will be monitored after Wednesday’s work.

TTC president Andy Byford says transit is continuing to operate normally due to driver concerns. 0:58

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